Want to sell? Our experts explain you how, in 7 tips.

  • First visit and sale recomendations.
  • Photography
  • Professional valuation
  • Marketing campaign
  • Visits and feedback
  • Contract signing
  • Notary

1.- First visit and recommendations for sale.

The relationship between seller and owner is so close, that from Ara property we emphasize a first visit or personal presentation call where we can make a series of recommendations, for a photographic report of ten follow our home staging recommendations!!

vender su casa

2.-  Photography.

Nowadays, it is essential to have professional quality photographs as well as video that show the best of your home. 90% of clients go online, and in our experience, hardly anyone visits a property that does not have attractive photos, unless the price is very low, and we don’t want that!

fotografia inmobiliaria

3.- Professional valuation.

Property sale prices vary over time, and it is essential that we are realistic about the price of our property. For this reason, our agents are trained in property valuations and appraisals, in order to offer our clients a realistic view of the selling price of their property and an estimated time of sale.

valoración inmueble

4.- Marketing campaign.

Now that we know the price and we have the photos, the next step is to have your property published on the main real estate portals and in different languages, as well as on our own website.

With this, and the different partners we work with in Spain and abroad, we will make it easy for potential clients to find your property. From the office we sell to everyone!

portales inmobiliarios

5.- Visits and feedback.

When a potential buyer contacts us, our first task is to assess whether they are really interested in buying and whether they have the capacity to do so. Once these points have been clarified, we arrange the visit with the owners and take the client to the visit, in strict compliance with the Covid 19 prevention measures.

For the visit, we recommend that you visit our homestaging section, where we will make a series of recommendations so that the property is presented in the best possible condition. In addition, we will set up a web page for you, where you will be able to see the progress, visits and actions carried out for the sale of your property.

visita de su inmueble

6.- Contracts signing.

Ara property is made up of lawyers and chartered real estate agents, so in addition to being your trusted agent, we have the experience and training necessary to accompany you from start to finish the process of selling your property, with all the legal guarantees and with the best advice from the very first moment.

7.- Notary.

We are already close! We will contact the notary’s office chosen by the parties and prepare the necessary documentation together with the representation of the buyer. The signing at the notary’s office is the culmination of previous successful actions, as we want to be part of your success, we will be with you until the last moment.