Your house on the scene!

7 homestaging tips.


Limpieza de la propiedad

First thing to do is to make sure the house is clean and shiny – you can’t imagine what we find in some of them!

When we buy clothes, do we buy them dirty and with leftovers? Well, the sale of a property is the same. Buyers do not want to visit properties that smell musty, dirty or are simply left to be visited from time to time.

We recommend that you keep your home clean for visitors, with an emphasis on the living room, kitchen and bathrooms – it’s the first thing they’ll see!

Tidying up and depersonalising


We all appreciate the decoration of our homes, but we must take into account that, as it is something so personal, a home full of decoration and personal motifs can make it difficult for the potential buyer to imagine the home as their own. That is why we recommend that you tidy up your home, opening up spaces and removing furniture and decoration, while avoiding displaying personal photographs.

Personal photos prevent the buyer from being able to see himself and his family in your home!

Fixing and painting


Be realistic and ask yourself a question: How long has it been since you painted your house? When was the last time you fixed the little flaws that make it lose value?

The better the property looks to the potential buyer, the easier it will be to arouse their interest in buying. Nobody likes to visit a house with dirty walls, torn curtains, musty smell….

We don’t want you to renovate your home, but we don’t want you to leave it abandoned either!


alquiler garantizado

Check that all the lights in the house are working properly and that the lighting is sufficient – we don’t want buyers to think they are in a cave!

In addition, the lights should be switched on for all visitors, even during the day, and anything that might disturb the visit or give the appearance of clutter should be removed.

Pets and smells


We love pets, but there are times when a visit can become uncomfortable with a barking dog or a naughty cat nearby. We recommend keeping your pets in a room for the duration of the visit, but no longer!

Also, make sure that the house is well ventilated and free of aggressive odours. An unpleasant smell will make your customers want to leave your home.



Keep the house as open as possible, with all doors opened. This gives a feeling of spaciousness and will encourage customers to want to stay in your home. The longer the visit, the better the chances of a sale.

Wellness and comfort


Would you want to live in a place where you don’t feel comfortable? Make buyers not want to leave your home by maintaining a comfortable and pleasant environment.Avoid draughts, slamming doors, loud noises, extractors, tumble dryers, etc.

We know it’s a lot, but we know you’re more than capable!